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BORN 4 October, 1903, Hamilton, New York

FATHER Ivan (John) Atanasoff, born 1876, Bulgaria, emigrated to USA 1889, married 1900; B.Ph. Colgate University 1900;

electrical engineer; died 1956

MOTHER Iva Lucena Purdy, born 1881; school teacher (mathematics); died 1983.

SIBLINGS Ten, of whom eight survive: John, Ethelyn, Margaret, Theodore, Avis, Raymond, Melva, Irving.

FAMILY Married Alice Crosby, 1949; three children: Elsie, Joanne, John Vincent II; ten grandchildren

ADDRESS P.O. Box 503, Frederick, Maryland 21701.


HIGH SCHOOL Mulberry, Florida 1920

BSEE University of Florida, Gainesville 1925

MS, Mathematics PhD, Theoretical Physics University of Wisconsin, Madison 1930

Thesis title: "The Dielectric Constant of Helium"

Research adviser: Professor John H. Van Vleck

Committee (Van Vleck was in Europe): Professors Wentzel, Weaver, March, Mendenhall and Ingersoll.

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