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OCCUPATION Mathematical Physicist, Inventor, Businessman

POSITION Phosphate prospector 1920-21

Gainesville H.S., Teacher, Head of Science Dept. 1925-26

Iowa State College, Mathematics, Graduate Assistant and Instructor, 1926-29

University of Wisconsin, Mathematics, Instructor 1929-30

Iowa State College, Mathematics and Physics

Assistant Professor 1930-36

Assistant Professor 1936-42

Professor in Absenia 1942-45

US Naval Ordnance Lab., Washington, D.C.

Chief, Acoustics Section 1942-45

Chief, Acoustics Division 1945-48

US Army Field Forces, Ft. Monroe,

VA, Chief Scientist 1949

Naval Ordinance Lab., Director, Fuse Program 1949-52

The Ordnance Eng. Corp., Frederick,

MD (sold to Aerojet Gen. Corp. 1957)

Founder, President, Director 1952-57

Aerojet General Corp., Frederick, MD

Manager, Athlantic Div 1957-59, Vice Pres. 1959-61

Cybernetics, Inc., Frederick, MD, President 1961-80

Physics Building at Iowa State University
In the basement of this building is where
the computer was first created in 1939.

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